viernes, 4 de febrero de 2011

JURN, buscador especializado en Artes y Humanidades.

A curated academic search-engine, indexing
4,101 free ejournals in the arts & humanities.

JURN is a search-engine dedicated to indexing free ‘open access’ ejournals in the arts and humanities, along with other arts and scholarly publications offering free content.

A printable list of journal titles indexed (PDF file, 550kb. 134 pages. Formatted for British A4-size paper).
You can also see a smaller, hyperlinked and categorised, selection of titles at the JURN Directory. At around 2,500 titles, this Directory omits the non-English titles (these are usually in the main JURN site-index because they have some free English-language articles). The Directory also omits most of the titles offering only a negligible part of their contents (e.g.: book reviews only).

JURN blog
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