sábado, 14 de mayo de 2011

How to Switch from Blogger to WordPress Without Losing Google PageRank or Search Traffic

How to Switch from Blogger to WordPress Without Losing Google PageRank or Search Traffic: "- Enviado mediante la barra Google"

The Goal: Your current blog at abc.blogspot.com is hosted on the Blogger platform but you now want to move this blog from Blogger to WordPress (self-hosted) with a personal domain name (say abc.com).
The Problem: WordPress.org provides an easy option to automatically import all your old blog posts and reader comments from Blogger into your new WordPress blog but there are still some bigger problems that are hard to ignore:
1. Some of your previous articles on the blogspot blog could be ranking very high in search engines for certain keywords but once you shift these articles to a new address, you might lose all that organic search traffic.
2. You cannot use a 301 redirect with Blogger to inform search engines that your site has permanently moved a new web address thus losing PageRank and other Google Juice.
3. Not just search bots, human beings who come to read your old articles via links from other sites won't know about the new location of those articles unless you manually insert the new links in each and every blogspot article (impossible for large blogs).
4. When you switch blogging platforms, existing blog readers who are subscribed to your Blogger RSS Feed may be lost forever if they don't manually update their RSS readers with your new WordPress feed address (and most won't).
5. When you lose RSS subscribers and search engines rankings, the pageviews will drop and that will seriously impact your AdSense revenue in case you are running Google ads.
The Solution: Now that you are aware of the various issues associated with moving sites from Blogger to WordPress, the very good news is that there exists a simple solution to deal with all these problems in one go.
You can quickly and safely migrate any blog from Blogger to WordPress without losing RSS Subscribers or human visitors and there's also a way to pass all that Google Juice from the old blogspot.com address to your new WordPress blog.

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