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Open-access. Tesis doctoral completa en E-LIS.

Ahora mi tesis doctoral completa en E-LIS (E-prints in Library and Information Science). Enlaces a todos los archivos de la tesis.
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Citation: Pino-Díaz, J. Análisis Estratégico de la Investigación sobre Áreas Protegidas en España: Ingeniería y Cartografía del Conocimiento, 2011. (Unpublished) [Thesis].
Author(s): Pino-Díaz, José
Subjects: B. Information use and sociology of information > BB. Bibliometric methods
I. Information treatment for information services > IE. Knowledge representation
Date: 20-Jun-2011
Abstract: Relationships of co-occurrence between keywords, researchers and journals in the professional literature of a given domain can be analyzed and mapped to discover their nodes, subnets, and strategic research areas. A strategic and dynamic analysis was done of the Spanish Research Network on Protected Areas from 1981 to 2005, as identified by the Web of Science and the IEDCYT Databases. This analysis has resulted in a Strategic Diagram and a Strategic knowledge Map of Techno-scientifi c Network or CERT Map, lists of researchers and journals of strategic importance, and a table analyzing the activity of the subnets. Network analysis using KDD techniques and engineering and knowledge mapping provides top grade support for strategic decision-making in science policy and the evaluation of science and technology.
Keywords: Scientific and technological networks, protected area; national parks, knowledge management; scientific and technological evaluation, knowledge discovery in database, KDD, information mapping, knowledge mapping, mapping strategic research networks, strategic knowledge maps of techno-scientific network, CERT maps, science policy, decision-making
Type: Thesis

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