sábado, 23 de abril de 2011

BiomedExperts: Scientific Social Networking

BiomedExperts: Scientific Social Networking:

Since April 2008 over 357,987 life science researchers joined the world’s fastest growing scientific social network BiomedExperts.com. BiomedExperts contains visualizations of over 24 million co-author connections between 1.8 million researchers and lists many of your colleagues from over 3,500 institutions in more than 190 countries. The networks were automatically generated from co-author information from millions of publications published in over 20,000 journals!

BiomedExperts - the first literature-based scientific social network - brings the right researchers together and allows them to collaborate online. Elsevier Inc. provides the BiomedExperts social network free of charge to researchers worldwide in an effort to increase collaborative biomedical research for the common good.
  1. Pinpoint institutional expertise for big-science and translation-research initiatives
  2. Interlink biomedical experts in your area and unveil their combined regional expertise to the world
  3. Connect association members and stimulate research cooperation

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